Wingman bottle

Watermelon White Beer

ABV: 6%
IBU: 8
EBC: 7
Malt: Pilsner, pale, wheat malt and rolled oats
Hops: Glacier

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! This watermelon white beer will shake your nerves and rattle your brain! A real daredevils beer for sure. Our fighter-jet owls have very demanding tasks in their daily lives. One among them is having to withstand the G-forces they get confronted with on a daily base. After a day of flying high, our fighting owls need a brew to help them keep their cool.

Talk to me Goose! The Wingman Watermelon White beer is best served cold and with a side of danger! Pouring an ice cold, fresh bottle of Wingman Watermelon White beer into a nice glass in slow motion, will make you look cool as ice. A proper Wingman! Never before has a Watermelon White Beer been so fresh. It's best to drink these bad boys while they are still fresh, or keep them in a cool and dark place to preserve the refreshing contents that will help you to keep your cool after a hard day's work!

The Wingman Watermelon White is an amazingly fresh white beer, brewed with watermelon. The pale malts and the Glacier Hops in combination with the watermelon flavor makes Wingman an extremely fresh and exiting beer. The forward ABV percentage of 6%, along with the interesting flavors make this beer an absolute classic! Go right ahead and get your Wingman right here, it will take your breath away, Maverick!