Webshop Deal Of The Week! 4th of July Edition! 1.1

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The webshop deal of this week is filled with fresh beers!
Every week a new deal! Be sure to check this page weekly for the best deal of your week might be here. We send out a limited amount so get your deal today!
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4th of July Edition!

Another amazing webshop deal! A selection of unique beers with crazy discounts! Only available on the Uiltje Craft Beer official website. Some of these beers are not available elsewhere! Because some of these beers are rather exclusive, we sell a limited amount of webshop deals. Be sure to order your webshop deal quickly, and benefit from the great discounts!

This week's package:

5 x 0,5L Prima Donna (Packaging Date: 30-06-2020)
5 x 0,5L Fancy Pants (Packaging Date: 30-06-2020)
4 x Trackdown (Packaging Date: 01-07-2020)
4 x Go Go Gadget IPA (Packaging Date: 29-06-2020)

This week we have the ultimate survival package for you or your father! A box of beers to keeps him hydrated for at least a week!

This week again a nice discount! Now €50!

Make sure you get this week's webshop deal of the week! But beware, there is only a limited amount of packages we can compose. Don't miss out on this week's deal!

Because it is very busy in the webshop, beers tend to sell out quickly. Because of this we might have to replace a beer in your ordered Webshop Deal Of The Week with a similar beer. When this happens we will probably be really nice to you and put in another beer!