Tettnang On Board Of The Titanic Can

Euro IPL

ABV: 4,7%
IBU: 30
EBC: 10
Malt: Pilsner, Munich
Hops: Tettnang, Magnum, Mandarina, Hellertau Blanc

All aboard! The Titanic is departing on it's first, yet unexpectedly last voyage. The unsinkable monstrosity of a ship was the leading subject of an abundance of romances and dramas. Now, Tettnang is aboard the Titanic, with the best intentions; Being part of an amazing Euro IPL!

This Euro IPL is chock full of hops and bursts with imposing flavors. IPL stands for India Pale Ale, not to be mistaken for the popular beer style; IPA. Where an IPA is a pale ale, The IPL is pale lager. The big difference between the two beer styles, is the fermentation. An IPA ferments with a clean ale strain, whereas an IPL ferments with lager yeasts. 

*Celine Dion starts playing* Now, Don't be shy and get the Tettnang On Board Of The Titanic. A romantic beer with hoppy tones all around. This Euro IPL should be drunk quickly after receiving it, for you never know when the magical voyage may abruptly come to an end. If you do want to wait a bit longer, be sure to store it in a place where it's dark and cool.