Tettnang Groene Tank Top can

German Style Pilsner

ABV:          4.5%
IBU:          25
EBC:          6
Malts:       Pale and Municher
Hops:        Tettnanger

This aromatic euro pilsner is for you. Crafted with 100% Tettnang hops! southwest Germany’s hop of choice, Tettnang Tank Top is a crisp, spicy pilsner for the easy-going Fritz. Think of this as the tank top totting Teutonic cousin of our more serious-minded Cascade Green Sweater. Same mindset, radically different taste. Infinitely more Angela Merkel than D. Trump, that’s for sure.

Tettnang Groene Tank Top is a pilsner, but just not quite. It has all the elements of a good and proper German pilsner, and yet it has that famous Uiltje Brewing twist the makes It a special craft beer all by itself. Even though pilsners are relatively hard to brew, this Tettnang hopped pilsner, with an ABV percentage of 4.5%, is a beauty. A refreshing sight to behold!