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Peat the Scotchman


Peated & Smoked Scotch Ale

ABV:         6.2%
IBU:          25
EBC:        40
Malt:         Pale ale, Cara, Islay & Amber
Hops:      EKG

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Peated & Smoked Scotch Ale

Naw braw, don’t even try to understand Pete the Scotchman, a beer so exquisitely eaty that it drinks like a smoked cigar. True to Scotch form, we mashed Islay malts to aelic Kingdom come to manufacture a full-bodied mouthful of fudgy caramel lovely brew. Pure dead brilliant our Pete, brewed in a fit of kilt-wearing insomnia with agpipe diddles screeching through the speakers (seriously). But ask yourself, can you really trust a Scotch ale brewed by someone with only a wiggle underneath that plaid leated kilt? Deagh fhortan.