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Old Enough To Drink


Imperial Ice Distilled IPA

ABV:         21%
IBU:          75
EBC:         20
Malt:         Pale, Pils & Cara
Hops:        Chinook, Simcoe, Citra, Cascade & Equinox
Extra:       Dry-hopped and Triple Ice Distilled

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Old Enough To Drink, Imperial Ice Distilled IPA

So okay, this entire bottle mocks the outrageously unfair drinking age enforced by our friends across the big pond, but come on – 21%! A fake ID isn’t going to protect you from our ale, amigo. Sip this dry-hopped and triple ice distilled IPA too quickly and the Law is going to be the least of your problemos. Grow up, be a man, savor our  extraordinary ale like you would an extraordinary whiskey. You say you’re old enough to drink? Pop the cap and prove it.