Bite of Lime!


ABV:         5,5%
EBC:         11
Malt:         100% pilsner malt
Hops:        Amarillo, Equinox and limes!

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Bite of Lime!

5,5% refreshing lager with limes!

Long ago hijacked by cocktail shakers and pie bakers, we felt it was time to hijack this Napoleon of fruit right back. Small in size but with undeniable magnetism, lime is the secret sauce behind many of our favorite recipes. And by Limey(!) it’s now the kick lurking in the shadows of our lighthearted warm-weather lager. And to you, oh doubter of hoppy lime logic, we say this: Napoleon was an arrogant little prick, but he was the enemy of all complacency and blandness. So there.