023 Haarlem's Bier



Hoppy Blond Pale Ale

ABV:         5.5%
IBU:          22
EBC:        17
Malt:         Pale, Pilsner & Amber
Hops:       Citra, Cascade, Mosaic & Centennial



100% Haarlem Hoppy Blond Pale Ale from 023

The 023 is not a big, fat, super hoppy Dubble IPA or a heavy barrel aged Imperial Stout, like what you are expecting from us. No, this is a American hopped Pale Ale. This blonde beer has got four types of hops, and they are all from Washington USA.

We have stuffed the beer with so much hop that the beer has become very fruity. You can expect tones of grapefruit, citrus and peach. The beer has got a fresh vibe, a touch of bitterness and you can drink it all night long.

Once Haarlem was the biggest brewing city of the Netherlands and to restore this, we have created this owlsome beer. 023! The code of beer-city-Haarlem!