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Tettnang Groene Tank Top


German Style Pilsner

ABV:         4.5%
IBU:          25
EBC:         6
Malt:         Pilsner & Muncher
Hops:       Tettnanger



 German Style Pilsner

This is a call out to our German friends across the border. Because we think that whole pilsner racket you’ve been running for the past 2,000 years is, well, totally cool. This  aromatic euro pilsner is for you. Crafted with 100% Tettnang hops! southwest Germany’s hop of choice, Tettnang Tank Top is a crisp, spicy pilsner for the easy-going Fritz. Think of this as the tank top totting Teutonic cousin of our more serious-minded Cascade Green Sweater. Same mindset, radically different taste. Infinitely more Angela Merkel than D. Trump, that’s for sure.