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RE: CC: CC: Porter



ABV:         8%
IBU:          10
EBC:        150
Malt:         Pale & Cara
Hops:       Magnum, East Kent Golding, & Chinook




Dear son,
You were never the best student, but you always scored high grades in chemistry. I always used to say no kid likes to mash and smash and crash quite like you. But you never knew  when to stop, did you? CC Porter was a wonderfully creamy concoction, and while I was against grandma’s CC Porter sequel, aka BCC Porter, cut mustard, too. But oh dear, a trilogy!? You’re not Pixar, Robbert, and you’re definitely no F.F. Coppola! Please, I beg you, don’t continue to tempt fate. Even with those geeky coffee beans from Lot Sixty One you’ll never be able to one-up your porter predecessors. Trust me, your mom knows best. It’s time to pull the plug on your precious porter platform. The secret to happiness, Robbert, is looking forward and not looking back.
Love, Mom