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Matryoshka Doll


Baltic Porter

ABV:        7%
IBU:         40
EBC:        170
Malts:       Munich, Amber, Cara, Pilsner and a few secrets
Hops:       Glacier & Magnum



Baltic Porter

The staple of every slavic souvenir shop: the matryoshka doll. And like every one of those lacquered little matrons, our matryoshka doll baltic porter offers several layers of happiness. Think black liquorice inside a velvety sweet swath inside a dark thick cloud of luscious hops. A real crowd pleaser, right? And because we know our baltic friends prefer to flaunt their western roots more than they do their slavic ones, we’ve stacked our dark little doll full layer after layer of robust european hops. This ain’t your western-style barbie doll, but a slightly mainstream souvenir that drinks smooth and looks absolutely fabulous on an Instagram selfie. After all, who doesn’t like dolls?