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Little Black Dress


Double Black IPA

ABV:         8.8%
IBU:          75
EBC:        200
Malt:         Pale & Pilsner
Hops:       Summer, Citra, Cascade, & Simcoe

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Double Black IPA, Becuase every girl has one

Ah yes, the little black dress (LBD). RIP Audrey, as in Hepburn, who catapulted the LBD to fashion icon and closet staple just by staring through a window at Tiffany’s. Well, our Black Dress IPA is an ode to all that. A versatile 8.8% black IPA truly suitable for all occasion. Brewed with Australian summer hops and gobs of stone fruit, this IPA really is a brew for all seasons. Really. Like the black dress. Hence the name. Get it? Of course you do. And remember, it’s important you drink the Little Black Dress, don’t let the Black Dress drink you.