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Cry Baby Sour


Dry Hopped Berliner Weisse

ABV:         2,4%
IBU:          3
EBC:         3
Malt:        Pils & Wheat
Hops:       Hallertauer



Dry Hopped Berliner Weisse

Nah, we are not calling you a cry baby. Really, we are not. Or at least not yet anyway. Actually, it all depends on you and how you react to our casually tart Berliner Weisse. Yeah it is sour. Not Kombucha sour, not Saurerkraut sour, not Altoids apple sours and lemon sour. But sour in that warm-weather cool down refresh me kind of way. So the only person we are calling a cry baby is the buster who sips our beautiful little Berliner Weisse and complains that it is, uhm…. sour. No wah-wah, okay?