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As Het Uiltje continues its pilgrimage towards global hop domination we will be tempted to sway from the yellow brick road. A populist mishap now and then, the occasional kowtow to reality-TV tastes. Rent must be paid, after all. We are only too human. But to keep us to the straight and narrow we created Sequence. Sequence is our firewall against pop culture cuteness. A continuous series dedicated entirely to whiskey barrel-aged beer, brewed in ridiculous small batches. Serious sh*t, so to say. Sequence accepts no rules and harbors no prejudices. Each 75cl bottle uncompromised and acoustic. Some Sequence episodes will be high theater or elitist drama, others crazy-ass RomCom or retro slapstick. Geez, we may even delve in vintage double barrel peat smoked beer porn. We’re just saying. Most of all, Sequence is our oath to you to forever feel out the edges of hopdom. This series is our green light to continuously explore If-You-Can-Make-It-There-You-Can-Make-It-Anywhere beer. Ready to roll? Good, let’s get on with it then.

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