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How would you like to drink your beer as fresh as possible? Fresh (hop forward) beers are really tasty! Have a look at the Fresh & Fast subscriptions below!

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Hops are amazing little things. Without them, there would be no beer as we know it. Where would the craft beer scene be without the not-so-humble hop!? Of the four main ingredients in beer, Hops are the one we get most excited about. Don’t know if you knew this about us already, but we’re pretty obsessed with making super, fresh hoppy beers! We chose hops from dozens of different varieties to provide us with exactly the hop character we’re looking for; from herbal, flowery German noble hops, to dank, juicy varieties from the Pacific Northwest of the US, there’s always one that’ll give us exactly what we want. For us, the rules of hops are simple: Bolder, fresher, and heaps more of ‘em!

Quality beer brewed through the ages

Hops have been used in beer for hundreds and hundreds of years. We’re so glad that those medieval guys figured it out for us. Thanks medieval guys! They were first properly cultivated in the low-lying countries in Western Europe but have been used as a herb and flavoring ingredient since the 9th century! Wow! That’s enough of the history lesson though, that’s obviously not why you’re here. If you wanted to learn more about the history of hops in beer, you should’ve googled ‘the history of hops in beer’ instead, you Silly Billy! 

Hops are super useful when it comes to beer: They contain antibacterial agents so played a crucial role in the prevention of beer spoilage, they have magical medicinal qualities (apparently, if you put dried hop cones in your pillow at night, you’ll sleep like a baby, fun fact!). For us modern brewers though, the three main things we get out of hops are: providing bitterness to balance the sweetness of the wort, adding extraordinary flavor to our beers, and filling them with tons and tons of intoxicating aroma. These last three get us super, almost embarrassingly, excited. So all of those fruity, citrussy, dank, piny, floral, spicy, herbal notes come from our very favorite ingredient! 

Hoppy ale with amazing flavors

Great quality beer needs great quality hops, so we’ve made it our mission to source the freshest, most pungent, most bold flavoured hops we can possibly get our hands on. Our brewers then carefully combine these little flavor and aroma bombs in varying proportions to create the exact hop profile they’re looking for. It’s hard work sniffin’ all those lovely hops, but someone’s gotta do it! The result is always a great quality hoppy beer with exorbitant amounts of hops to smack you about the senses!

Our mission for freshness doesn't just stop at sourcing ingredients though, we’re committed to bringing you the freshest possible beer we can once it’s packaged too. All that hoppy goodness doesn’t last forever after all. Like a majestic rainbow or a different thing that fades away, it’ll sadly fade away. Every single one of our hoppy beers is enjoyed better fresh. We’re not talking a couple of weeks ‘fresh’, we’re talking, like, now ‘fresh’. Seriously, we mean now. Now now. Go and get one now. We’ll wait… Got one? Good. Fresher is better. 

Special beers as fresh as possible?

Our biweekly Fresh and Fast releases are our homages to the hop. We use this as an opportunity to try out new combinations of hops, new hop-forward styles, and see just how many kilos of hops we can cram into a New England IPA! (The answer is ‘way more than we thought we possibly could’). For us, it’s all about hops and all about freshness. It’s kind of our thing! We’ll be sure to keep our online shop up to date with all our freshest releases, so keep your eyes-peeled for your new favourite hop-bomb!  

We love hops, you should to. So please, drink fresh, drink hoppy, and drink one for us!