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Are you looking for your very own beer tasting? Or is someone's birthday coming up? Well, try out one of our beer gifts! The Survival Kits are a selection of 6 of our finest craft beers per kit. Try one out and have your very own high beer!

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Fancy your very own beer tasting?

Welcome to the place where you can have your very own beer tasting delivered at home! Yes, a beer tasting! It’s exactly as great as you think it is. A beer tasting basically is a high tea but better. Actually, a high tea is just drinking tea for the sake of drinking tea, whereas a beer tasting, or a “high beer”, is all about exploring different styles of beer. A specialty beer is not just an ordinary beer. As the name states; it’s rather special. All of our beers are fairly different from one another. All the beers have a strong, hoppy base. And furthermore they are all unique. A high beer will make you realize all the different possibilities when it comes to beer, so you can decide what style you like best. And the good news is, you can now have your very own beer tasting at home with one of our beer gifts!

All the different styles of beer you can taste

As you might know, there are an awful lot of different beer styles. Different styles of beer are for instance IPA, Pilsners, Porters, Double stouts, sours, and many more. The beauty of the beer industry is that there are no restrictions. At Uiltje Craft Beer we experiment a lot with extraordinary flavors and we try to mix different styles of beer together to create funky beers that are completely unorthodox. Without a shadow of a doubt you must be intrigued by now! What different styles of beer haven’t I tasted yet? Well, now you can! We deliver our survival kits right at your home. Order your survival kit right now and have some friends over for your own little high beer. Yet you can also not invite anyone and explore our different styles of beers by yourself, we won’t tell!

Beer gifts for your unique high beer

A beer tasting is only unique when the beers are unique. in order to familiarize yourself with our incredible beers, we offer a selection of three different Craft Beer Survival Kits. With these Survival Kits you will have everything necessary to survive your evening with. First of all, if you are not familiar with our beers yet, we recommend to try our Craft Survival Kit for your high beer. The Craft Survival Kit offers you 6 of our core beers. The core beers are the beers that we continuously produce and are always on stock. If you haven’t yet, you are ought to give them a try! 

But perhaps you are looking for something more of a Survival Kit that offer beers that require some more “experience”. The hardcore beers with high percentages, that’s what I’m talking about! Besides the innocent, fruity IPA’s we produce, we sometimes like to experiment with heavier stuff. We are also producing a lot of strong, double or imperial IPA’s, porters, stouts and many more strong and sometimes dark beers. For the hardcore beer lovers, we have created the ever rotating PRO Kit. This kit always contains different beers. This package includes the stronger beers we currently have on stock. They are always fresh and very suitable for a beer tasting with your fellow beer lovers!

And last but not least, we have the Random Kit. And as you can probably guess by looking at the name, this kit provides you with a random selection of beers. In this package we combine our newest freshest beers whether they are strong, light, sour or sweet. If you like to be surprised, we would recommend buying this Survival Kit! 

Lastly, is someone’s birthday coming up? Well happy beerday! Our Craft Beer Survival Kits serve as the ideal birthday present for beer Lovers. Present them with their very own beer tasting with beers from Uiltje Craft Beer. You can even have it delivered at another address to hide it from someone, because yet again, we won’t tell!