Seasonal Beers

The extended seasonal are exceptionally out of season, yet amazing! Rich flavors is all you will find here. Have a look at this collection of amazing craft beers!

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The Uiltje extended seasonal beer specials

Welcome to the page where we display our extended seasonal beers! These beer specials are called “the extended seasonals” because these are all seasonal beers. This means a sunny Sessionable Pale Ale that is originally meant to be drunk in the summer time. Or a nice Bock Beer that is usually drunk in the fall when the weather gets tougher.

Nevertheless, nothing restricts you from drinking a Sessionable Pale Ale in the heart of winter, and nothing holds you back from drinking a dark, Bock in the spring. These seasonal beers were originally meant to only sell at a certain point in time. Yet, they just tasted so damn good that we decided to keep them on for an extended period of time.

The best Dutch beers on one page

These extended seasonals feature a number of extended beers. These include beer specials of various styles. Some beers even won awards! Including some of the best Dutch beers, the extended seasonals that are available now are not beers you want to miss out on! Be sure to try them all. You can visit our bottleshop and taste them, or order them right here!

The extended seasonal beers are vary from style to style but they are all equally delicious. Our core business here at Uiltje Craft beer are IPAs, American IPAs and other hop forward beer styles. We love hop and we love to use a lot of it. And when we say a lot we mean a LOT! However, we do brew a lot of other beer styles that forces us to cut back on out hops. And sometimes we actually do! Some of these extended seasonals include our “experiments”. A couple of these experiments ace out successful and are available for order now right above this text!

Are you trying to order some of our seasonal beer specials, but you are from another country that does not give you any shipping options? Just contact us and we’ll sort it out immediately so you can enjoy our beers too!