Our Frequent Classic Beers

Welcome to the section where we offer a fine selection of our classic beers! These beers are the frequent classic that received so much positive feedback, that we decided to brew them on a regular base! Take a look at our classic Dutch craft beers below!

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Beer is a huge part of Dutch culture. It always has been. It always will be. There’s probably nothing more Dutch than an evening out with a couple of biertjes (and some bitterballen, obviously). Beer is so integrated into Dutch culture that it’s often taken for granted or overlooked. We often forget where it comes from, how it’s made, and how much damned work goes into making it. It’s so easy to forget how seemingly miraculous the whole process is. We thought it’d be nice to remind you all how amazing this liquid really is! 

Making Classic Beer

At first glance, making classic beer is quite simple; make some sugary water, put some green things in it and get some yeast to make it alcoholic. Easy! Sure, all of that is true, but the amount of chemistry, math, and physics going on in there is mind-boggling. It will literally boggle your mind. To think that we’re pretty much turning rain, sunshine and mud into our very favorite thing, is something that melts our brains on a daily basis. With that in mind, and considering how much mud and rain (and sunshine, I guess) there is here, it’s no wonder that the Dutch have always been great with brewing classic beer. 

From the grains we select, to the yeast we choose, to the hops we buy in, every distinct ingredient brings something different to the table. On top of that, there are literally countless variables and decisions we make to dramatically affect the outcome of the beer: Mash pH, wort oxygenation, yeast pitching rate, fermentation temperature, dry-hop circulation, and conditioning period, to name but a few, all play a massive role in the consistency and quality of our beer. To keep all of this in check, hours of painstaking calculation and measuring go into every single batch. This is the same for every brewery, everywhere; whether it’s the giant multinational, or the tiny local microbrewery! So spare a thought for your friendly neighbourhood beer geeks next time, you’re enjoying a cold one! 

The rise of the Dutch Beers

The Dutch beer scene is changing; for years and years (and years), we were world-renowned for our lagers. You’d be pushed to find a single supermarket that didn’t stock at least one Dutch beer. Dutch beer. Everywhere. This much is still true, but in a different way. Sure, there’s still the same old Dutch beer everywhere, but now there’s a growing swathe of new breweries pushing boundaries and breaking the rules all over the country. The Dutch craft beer scene is becoming a force to be reckoned with. 

Dutch beer used to be about tradition and heritage, now, with some many new brewers on the block, it’s all about taking beer to places it’s never been before. It’s about bringing old-school beer styles into the present day, and trying things never tried before. We always keep that in mind when coming up with new styles and recipes. That said, sometimes we strike gold and fall in love with a beer and can’t help but to brew it again. Beers like Mosaic Mammoth, Little Black Dress, Mind Your Step, and the Big Fat 5 will never really be ‘core range’ beers, but we love them so much we’re always more than happy to bring them back when we feel like it!

Success within the world of beers

Uiltje has always been about ‘more’. ‘More’ when it comes to flavor. ‘More’ when it comes to hops. ‘More’ when it comes to variety. The only ‘less’ we deal with is limitations. Limitations are for suckers. Every time we’re working on a new recipe, we ask ourselves ‘how can we make this ‘more’? 

Our lovely hometown of Haarlem is becoming a bit of a mecca for craft beer. For the last few years, this little charming city has produced some of the Netherlands’ best beers and the actual best IPAs. Haarlem breweries cleaned house this year in the Dutch Beer Challenge. More gold medals than Usain Bolt (probably). Medals everywhere. We’re immensely proud of our burgeoning scene and we’re constantly pushing the boat out to get more and more people involved, and make them as obsessed as we are. 

With the meeting of tradition and innovation, the vast amount of choice, and huge levels of passion and ambition, the Netherlands is growing into a European powerhouse of craft beer awesomeness. We love our breweries, big and small, and are unbelievably excited about what the future holds for Dutch craft beer. You should be too. In fact, what are you waiting for? Get some beers in your shopping cart, head to the checkout, and join us on this amazing journey!