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The modern art called “Craft Beer”

‘Craft beer’ is notoriously difficult to define. So many people seem to be obsessed with whether stuff is craft or not. ‘This one is more craft than that one!’, ‘She’s more craft than him!’, ‘They used to be craft, but now they’re sell-outs!’, ‘Look Mum! I’m craft!’, ‘Oh dear, I think this one is a little bit TOO craft!’. It’s endless. To be perfectly honest, it’s not really something we care about. To us, it’s semantics. We’d much rather focus on brewing the best, most freshly tasting craft beer we possibly can.

With that said, everyone seems to agree that craft beer is all about pushing the envelope. It’s about doing something new. It’s about taking beer to places it’s never been before. How a brewery goes about, that is up to them. We’re not here to judge! As far as we’re concerned, the more breweries making innovative and tasty craft beer, the better. 

Freshly brewed beer with outstanding quality

Of course, we value our independence, we don’t compromise quality over cash, and we’ll never be confined by profit margins, but what matters most to us is passion. It goes into everything we do. Without it, this ship would sink. Brewing craft beer is hard work! Our passion is what gets us through the long, long packaging days; it’s what gets us through the hours and hours of meticulous cleaning every day; it’s what’s behind all the early starts and late finishes. Passion is what drives us. 

Call it what you want, we like to do things our own way. Since 2012 we’ve been doing our best to leave our mark on the Dutch beer scene by providing freshly brewed beer of great quality. We love taking traditional beer styles and putting our own spin on them. Even more than that, we love hops. Lovely, lovely hops. Hop forward beers are a staple of the ‘craft beer movement’ and we pride ourselves on using the best hops we can get our little talons on. But it’s no good using great hops and just letting them fade away in a warehouse: We’re committed to bringing you the freshest possible beer we can. We launched our ‘Fresh and Fast’ home delivery program in 2018, a service that delivers freshly brewed beer right to your doorstep, and even hosted our own FreshFest in 2019. Freshness is our game.

Craft beer in bottles or cans? Which is better?

2019 has seen us packaging more and more of our beer into cans. Cans have so many benefits over bottles when it comes to freshness. Cans eliminate light damage. Cans reduce oxidation. Plus, they’re lighter, they’re more easily recycled, they’re cheaper and greener to ship, they chill quicker, and you can make cute little ashtrays out of them when they’re empty. For us, cans are the future. Cans are the best way for us to maintain the huge amount of fresh, hoppy goodness in all of our releases. But some people are still skeptical about cans. Freshly brewed beer? No, garbage supermarket beer comes in cans, right? To those people, we say ‘hush your mouth!’. Craft beer is all about innovation and moving things forward. If you want to stay behind and drink beer that could’ve tasted better, suit yourself, but you’ll get zero craft beer points from us. 

Whatever the future holds for us, we can say for absolute certain that we’ll still be fully dedicated to our craft, experimenting with new ingredients and techniques, and always, always, always bringing you the best, most fresh beer we possibly can, and we’ll be doing it with all our heart and soul. So rest assured, that when you’re drinking an Uiltje craft beer, you’re drinking a little bit of us all. In a super non-creepy way. So by all means, take a look at our stockpiles of freshly brewed beer an go bananas!