Yes, we have a special section for just cans. Why? Because cans are awesome! A beer can is much better than a beer bottle in so many ways! Underneath you can see our assortment of cans. Do you want to know why cans are superior to bottles? Keep reading!

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Why would you prefer a beer can over a beer bottle?

If you think of drinking beer, most people think either about draught beers or bottled beers. For some reason the beer can has been almost a taboo amongst beer drinkers across the world. We believe this view on the beer can must change. Yet, if you ask people in the streets if they’d prefer a bottle or a can, most would argue that a bottle is better. If you are one of those people that believes bottled beer is better, we are about to change your opinion. Canned beer is in fact better than bottled beer and we’ll tell you why. But first, we’ll tell you why people blindly prefer bottles.

Fresh beer in bottles? Nope!

Off course there is a reason logical why people indiscriminately prefer the beer bottle over the beer can. Many people think that it has cans have a negative effect on the flavor of beer, which is incorrect. Bottles actually have a negative effect on fresh beer. But why do people prefer the bottles over cans?

Especially in most western countries, people think of a beer bottle as more “luxourious” if you will, compared to a beer can. The reason for this is the fact that it’s entangled into people’s cultures. For instance, when you go out to eat somewhere and you ask for a beer, you automatically get served a bottle (when it’s not on draught of course). Imagine when you would have been served a canned beer instead. Weird right? Well it shouldn’t be weird at all, because cans are much better in a great many ways!

How to make sure your fresh beer remains fresh

People think that the beer can is something you get at restaurants where all the food is fried. Or that canned beers are made only to be poured into red beer-pong cups at frat houses. Luckily, more and more breweries around the world begin to understand the importance of cans. The first reason why cans are superior to bottles is because of the freshness of beer.

The two biggest enemies of finished beer are sunlight and oxygen. Even when you have a bottle made out of brown, darkened glass, it still allows some sunlight to the beer inside. Also the caps do not seal off all oxygen completely. Sunstrike and oxidization quicken the aging process. Especially IPAs and other hop-forward beers are incredibly sensitive to sunstrike and oxidization because when an IPA or hop forward beer gets old, it starts to taste musky and flat (comparable with eating a piece of old, wet and dusty cardboard, don’t ask us how we know this).

Canned beer on the other hand, prevents sunstrike as the cans are opaque so sunlight cant get in touch with the beer. And the lids are mechanically twisted and folded onto the cans which makes the cans completely airproof.

The beer can is environmentally friendly

Having established that it’s better for a beer’s quality, protecting it from harmful presences like sunlight and oxygen, the beer can is also better for the environment! First of all, transport. Transporting cans is easier than transporting bottles. Cans are easily stackable whereas bottles are not. This means that you can transport more cans in the same truck you used to transport your beer bottles with. This leads to less trips to distribute the beer, meaning less CO2 pollution.

Furthermore, a beer can is nearly 100% recyclable. You can just easily toss them in the bin when empty and huge magnets will fish them out at the landfill. This also saves you some trips to wherever it is you usually get rid of your bottles.

And that’s not all!

Yes, there are many more perks to drinking beer from a can. Since we are already on the subject of transporting, let me make it a little more personal. As was said previously, cans are easily stackable which makes them easier to transport. But cans are also not as heavy as glass bottles. This doesn’t only cause less pollution because they are lighter to transport, they are also lighter to transport for you!

And another huge advantage of cans is the fact that a beer can gets cold faster than a beer bottle. Everybody has that race against the clock sometimes. You want your beers to get cold before going to the beach in the summer, or you want to drink them as soon as possible after buying. If you haven’t got much time, beer cans are cold faster. Therefore, get yourself some cans, drink fresh beers, save the planet and make your life easier!