The Uiltje Beer Archive

Over the years we have made a lot of beers. Some are brewed multiple times, but we also have a lot of one-timers. Have a look at the Uiltje webshop archive to see the beers we have made before. Some will return and some are history!

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Ordering beer online: The beers of the past

Have a look at the beers that were sold on this very website. A figment of the past, these beers have been relocated to our archive page. Our “beer graveyard” if you will. Some of these beers are here on a temporary stay, whilst some will linger here forever. All kinds of beers that you may have drunk before, or beers you may have missed completely.

We regularly receive emails with questions like; “last summer I drank this beer that tasted fruity and hoppy. Do you have any idea which it may have been”. The unfortunate thing about a question like this is that this basically describes about half of the beer we sell online, or offline. As you may realize, this is not much to go on. If you are looking for a specific craft beer online that was brewed by us, this page might be helpful! Maybe you can find your beer online on this very page, as it displays all the beers we have ever sold via our webshop! If you are still unable to find that beer online, don’t hesitate to message us via our contact form, and we might be able to unravel the mystery beer you are looking for!

The unmistakable Uiltje Artwork

We decided to make this archive to help you a little when you try to find an older beer. Another reason why we have chosen to do this, is because of our artwork. We always love to make our artwork and it’s one of the key elements that make our beers stand out! Therefore, it would be a shame if they got lost in time.

If you take a closer look to the bigger picture of our artwork, you can see that there are several different product line. Firstly, there is our Core Range. These are the beers that we make on a regular base, and you are most likely to find at your local bar. For instance the Bird of Prey and the Dr. Raptor. The artwork on our Core Range, is usually one owl (or sometimes two) with a significant appearance.

But we also had our “phases”. Mom! It’s just a phase! We had our animal phase, where all our beers had names and artwork that was inspired by animals that could in some way relate to either the beer style or some of the ingredients. These are beers like Mosiac Mammoth, Ella the Circus Elephant and Hipster Squirrel. Also, we really like to do movie parodies (as you probably have noticed). Is there a certain genre of movies we base our artwork on? Absolutely! We only do classics! These are beers like American Beauty, Back to the Fuggle and Willamette Wookie.

Which ones are actually coming back?

That is a question we cannot answer. Some are not coming back due too the unavailability of the ingredients. Some are collaborations that were a one time brew. And some are too difficult to recreate (most barrel aged beers). However, some will come back. A number of craft beers are already planned to be brewed, and some might come back in the future. If you keep a weather eye on social media you might be able to catch a glimpse of what is to come. And if you cant wait, don’t hesitate to send us a message and we might spill our secrets yet!