Mind your step Moyee cofee edition Can

Imperial Stout with coffee

ABV: 14%
IBU: 75
EBC: 250
Malt: Pale, Amber, Cara, oats, Cara 300 Malts
Hops: Centennial and Magnum Hops

Our rich and regal Imperial Stout using toasted beans from Moyee Coffee, renown preachers of #RadicalEquality! A truly interesting Beer! The Coffee beans bring out the best in this Imperial Stout. The Alcohol percentage is something to consider though... This 14% brute goes down easier than you can keep up. 

The usage of Moyee's tasted coffee beans make this strong, Imperial Stout very enjoyable if you are able to enjoy a cup of coffee. But beware! After drinking one too many, you should really mind your step! High in alcohol and rich in flavors, this is a beer that you will love! Available for order now!