Wearables of Uiltje Brewing Company

Have a look at our Merchandise. This online craft beer shop does not only offer amazing quality beers, it also offers you official Uiltje Brewing Merchandise!

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The best Craft Beer online shop’s merchandise!

Besides being a craft beer online shop that sells sublime beers, we also offer a lot of merchandise. Especially for the people that are as crazy about our beers as we are! This craft beer online shop sells a lot of branded items such as; T-shirts, Hoodies, Tin Tackers, Puzzles, Sunglasses and more! 

We believe that our online craft beer shop only works when we uphold the quality we expect ourselves to deliver. This not only means the quality that you experience when drinking our craft beers, but also our merchandise! Our merchandise items are produced by the best companies so we are able to deliver both quality, and fun things to have in your Uiltje Craft Beer collection at home!

The Uiltje Wearables

First of all, we offer a broad selection of different T-shirts. The T-shirts are of great quality and look amazing. The T-shirts are produced by our partner, Cavallaro Napoli. Cavallaro Napoli originally is an Italian brand that, like us, are very quality driven and like to try out different styles. In fact, we have brewed a special beer just for Cavallaro Napoli with mainly Italian inspired ingredients. Come try it out at our Bottleshop in Haarlem! 

The merchandise T-shirts are really unique and of stunning quality. There are a couple of basic T-shirts. One colored T-shirts with the Uiltje Craft Beer logo printed on the front. Where these, and you will look like you work in the Brewery itself! We have them in the following colors: black with a white logo, black with a blue logo, black with a yellow logo and white with a back logo. These are the basic Uiltje wear that is also worn in the brewery and our facilities that serve our quality beers. The real deal!

Besides those basic T-shirts, we also have a number of different T-shirts. We have the best-selling T-shirts camo. This popular piece of merchandise is the craft beer online shop’s best selling T-shirt. A camouflage pattern printed on the shirt, along with the Uiltje logo! Next to the Camo T-shirt, we present the Uiltje Polo! The Uiltje polo is a classic T-shirt made in the famous polo style. The irregularities printed on the polos are little owls if you look close enough, which make these polos truly Uiltje originals!

In addition to these amazing shirts, we have nearly all of the same prints and styles printed on hoodies. The polo print, the camo print, and some of the regular prints are all used on these high quality and warm hoodies. Order your Uiltje craft beer hoodies today!

Other merchandise

If the Uiltje wearables are not enough to satisfy your needs, or are you just looking to enlarge your Uiltje collection? Do you like to dare your mind? I dare you! I double dare you! Complete the Uiltje Puzzle. Amazing for family time, to bring the whole family together. The puzzle is packed with Uiltje craft beer references, and nicely drawn iconic owls that the kids love! 

Besides the puzzle we offer our limited edition Tin Tackers! These tin tackers are metal plates of about 30 centimeters in diameter. Perfect to pimp your man cave with, or if you own a bar or a pub, the perfect way to show your customers that you love and sell quality beers inside! A nice collectible for Uiltje fans and bar owners!