Glassware by Uiltje Brewing

Have a look at our collection of beautiful beer glasses! All fitted with the Uiltje brewing logo, these glasses are great for beer tastings! Must-have collectibles for specialty beer, and Uiltje lovers.

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Beautiful beer glasses go with beautiful beer!

Right! Beautiful beer must be drunk out of beautiful beer glasses! Nu arguing in that. Of course there are those who say it’s already in a glass when they are handed a bottle of beer. Technically there is nothing wrong with that statement, but deep down inside we’d all much rather drink our nice IPA’s out of a nice and fitting glass. Uiltje Brewing produces all kinds of beers. And those could be drunk out of different glasses. 

The Uiltje tasting glass

First, let’s talk about the Uiltje tasting glass is meant for one thing. Come on! Hazard a guess! Right. The Uiltje tasting glass is meant for beer tastings! Ten points to Gryffindor. But all kidding aside. Drinking specialty beers is not quite the same as knocking back pilsners on a Friday night. In the world of specialty beers, there is so much variety, literally everything tastes differently. A beer tasting allows you to get familiar with all the different kinds of flavors a beer can bring to the table. It’s really fun to sit down with some friends, have your tasting glasses at the ready, and drink different beers! 

For that purpose we have created the Uiltje tasting glass. The glass is only 20 centiliters with the distinctive Uiltje Brewing logo printed on it. All so you can taste your beers in style! As you might know, sharing is caring. With these beautiful beer glasses you can share your beer with someone else so you can both experience the flavors of a special beer!

The Uiltje Oktoberfest Pul

Jetzt geht los! With these easy to handle, beautiful beer glasses you can knock back pilsners on a Friday night in a more elegant and much faster pace. Contradicting the previously described beer glass, which is mainly for beer tasting in small volume, this unit has the same purpose, but is meant for much, much greater volumes. 

For those of you that are not familiar with the enchanting scene that is Oktoberfest, this truly magical party has only one purpose; consuming beer in great volume. The Uiltje Oktoberfest Pul fits its purpose perfectly as the inside of the glass is able to withstand volumes of ½ liters. A proper pint as we’d call it. If you sometimes like to casually knock back beers on a Friday night, the Uiltje Oktoberfest Pul would be an excellent choice!

The Uiltje Vienna Glass

Last but not least, we present to you; the Uiltje Vienna glass. This glass is meant for those amongst you that like to drink their specialty Uiltje beers in style. It carries up to 0,25 liters of beer, which makes this a fair size for all you beer lovers out there. Fill it up with our Benchmark IPA Bird of Prey, or pour our dangerously strong Dr. Raptor into it. Whatever beer you are drinking, these beautiful beer glasses are fir for all purposes. Whether it’s volume you are after, or a beer tasting with friends, an Uiltje Vienna glass suits all! Now pick your choice of glassware, and don’t be afraid to contact us with all your questions!