Meneer de Uil - Auchentoshan

Auchentoshan  Barrel Aged Imperial Porter
Some beers beg the question: Who’s your daddy? Well, here at Uiltje, Meneer de Uil is our daddy. Our oldest and finest imperial stout, Mister Owl is aged slowly in whisky barrel hailing from the Scottish Highlan
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Auchentoshan  Barrel Aged Imperial Porter

ABV: 12,2%

And just like every good daddy, he’s a complex character that smells of smoke and comes with all sorts of historical baggage attached to him. An emotional rollercoaster of a stout with hints of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Sip in front of a fireplace or the late-summer BBQ pit, but by all means sip. And remember, next time someone asks ‘Who’s your daddy?’ You confidently reply, ‘Mister Owl’s my daddy!’