Joost mag het weten Can

Triple IPA

ABV: 11.%
IBU: 60
EBC: 10
Malt: Low color pale, pilsner malt, amber malts
Hops: Simcoe, cascade, amarillo, chinook, centennial
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Joost mag het weten is not an IPA, not a double IPA, but a triple IPA! An extremely full body with hoppy aromas. Bursting with flavor! The fact that so many lovely hops were used during the brewing process, and the high abs percentage of 11%, make this beer have a full "body". 

The "body" or "mouthfeel" is so full of flavors and heavy, that the beer is literally a mouthful! All kinds of flavors make this beer a burst of flavors that explodes right in your mouth. Its hoppy tones, its boozy after tones. There is alotgoing on when drinking this beer. And I mean a LOT. Don't believe me? well try this Uiltje Classic for yourself. Joost mag het weten is available online now!