Grandma's Cooking Volume 5 Can

Sweet Stout

ABV: 10%
IBU: 70
EBC: 380
Malt: Pale, Dark Munich, Cara, Special B, Brown, Pale Chocolate Malt & Ground Cinnamon
Hops: Magnum, Chinook, Bramling X & Glacier
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Grandma has spend hours in the kitchen again. Baking the loveliest things you can think of. This time, at grandma's fifth "bake off", she made some amazing cinnamon rolls. And who wouldn't think; Hey! Lets brew an amazing sweet stout with those amazing cinnamon rolls! This being the natural way of thinking when eating something sweet and delicious, the steadfast Uiltje brewers went to the drawing board and made the Grandma's Cooking Volume 5 - Cinnamon Roll.

Brewed with the most amazing ingredients we could find, the Grandma's Cooking Volume 5 is brewed with vanilla and cinnamon, just like Grandma's Rolls! A nice and dark stout that is beyond your wildest dreams, Sweeter than sweet and as dark as they come. An ABV percentage of 10% and a numbing bitterness. Order your cans of Grandma's Cooking Volume 5 - Cinnamon Roll today, and we'll send them right you so you can enjoy Grandma's gift recipe!