Dikke Lul 3 Bier Bottle

Extra-ordinary hoppy pale ale

ABV:         5.6%
IBU:         60
EBC:         16
Malts:       Pale and Pilsner
Hops:        Chinook, Amarillo, Centennial & Columbus

1-2-3 en tot de 4. Het maakt niet uit, dikke lul drie bier! If you are not from the Netherlands please do not translate the name of this beer! (Obviously you are going to now!) However this extraordinary hoppy pale ale was named after a Dutch and even Haarlem’ saying (found out after we made the beer). Awesome hop forward and dry-ridiculously-hopped American Pale Ale. Light/medium bodied and a lot of dank hops in it. The good stuff!

A beer as direct and extraordinary as the Dutch people are. Very straightforward and strong willed. This beer is packed with hops from the northwest of America, but brewed by the Dutch themselves! Quite extra-ordinary indeed. With an ABV percentage of 5.6%, this beer is the liquid equivalent of the Dikke Lul 3 Bier mentality. Which, I cannot express enough, makes a lot of sense if you are from the Netherlands, and is a lovely discovery from people that are not from the Netherlands! Get your bottles in the shopping cart and enjoy the Dikke Lul 3 Bier!