Cry baby Raspberry can

Raspberry Berliner Sour

ABV: 2.8%
IBU: 4
EBC: 5
Malt: Pilsner, Wheat
Hops: Almost none

The Cry baby Raspberry ladies and gentlemen! A sour surprise as you have had never before! The owl has had some restless nights, as people with children could very well relate to. Crying the sour tears of raspberry, we have decided to brew them into a sweet beer! And with sweet we mean sweet as in "nice" or "cool", as this beer is pretty far from sweet.

This super sour Berliner beer is not made for the faint hearted. The ABV percentage of just 2.8% can be quite misleading. This sour needs some real men, and strong women to handle it's contents! The raspberries make this Berliner sour as fruity as it is sour. Do you think you can handle it? Well by all means, go ahead. This "crybaby" is super red, super juicy and perfectly refreshing for hot days. Order your Cry Baby Raspberry Berliner Sours right now!