Christmas Deal with unique and aged beers!

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Christmas is a party we believe could be spiced up with some nice (and dark) beers! Toss those lousy Christmas Packages you get at work, packed with items you'll never use. Take matters into your own hands! Order your Santa's Sweet Sixteen Package!
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Santa's Sweet Sixteen Package

Ho, ho, holy sh*t! This amazing package is a real must-have for beer lovers. The Christmas inspired Santa's Sweet Sixteen Package is available for order now! This very merry package includes beers you probably haven't tasted before! Packed with different kinds and styles of beer, this package will make the Christmas holidays better than ever before. All I want for Christmas, is 16 delicious Uiltje beers! 

The pack includes Uiltje classics, Aged beers that age back to 2016, brewing collaborations with other breweries, and the best IPA of the Netherlands! That also makes this package the ideal Christmas gift for your fellow beer lovers (or just for yourself). Don't miss out on this deal! Because there is a limits amount of packages we can send out!

A very special Christmas Package

Santa’s Sweet Sixteen is a package for Uiltje fans and beer lovers in general. Lots of different styles, mostly strong and dark, but also fresh IPA’s. By now you must think; Damn, I’d love one of those packages! But what’s in it? Well, Santa usually keeps his gifts secret, but we’ll be the exception.

The Santa’s Sweet Sixteen Package

  • Schwartzwalder Kirsch                                       Bottle
  • Joost mag het weten                                            Can
  • Big Fat 5                                                                Can
  • F*ck de Caravan staat in de fik                            Can
  • Apfelstrudel Doppelbock                                      Bottle
  • Blazin’ Raizin                                                        Can
  • Most wonderful time for a beer (2016)               Bottle
  • F*ck de Kerstboom staat in de fik (2018)           Bottle
  • Bird of Prey                                                           Can
  • Pineapple Weizen                                                 Can
  • Hipster Squirrel (Olde Hickory Collab)                Can
  • Mind your step                                                     Can
  • Ransuil (2016)                                                     Bottle
  • El Chapo (Bierol Collab)                                      Can
  • Meneer de Uil Glen Garioch Barrel Aged             Bottle
  • American Beauty (Siren & Vento Forte Collab)  Can

Order your Christmas Packages now and don't miss out on these 16 beautiful craft beers!