Cavallaro Birra Superiore Can

Limoncello Blonde

ABV: 6%
IBU: 10
EBC: 8
Malts: Pilsner, Wheat, Cara, Flaked oats and Acid malt
Hops: Lemondrop and Cascade hops

This Italian inspired Limoncello beer was brewed for the clothing brand Cavallaro Napoli, from Haarlem. Cavallaro Napoli also produces the official Uiltje Craft Beer merchandise. Be sure to check it out! This luxurious beer also comes in it's very own case. This not only gives the beer the fancy appearance it deserves, it's also a real collectors item for Uiltje (and Cavallaro) fans!

The Cavallaro Birra Superiore is a Blonde beer infused with Fiorito Limoncello (an Italian lemon liquor). Along with the lemon drop hops, this blonde beer has strong lemony flavors and aromas. Quite a refreshing blonde beer! Cavallaro Birra Superiore is available ONLY on the uiltje webshop, so be sure to order your luxurious Cavallaro Birra Superiore today!