In 2015 we found a bank crazy enough to finance our beer mission, and by September 2016 our own Uiltje Brewing Co. brewery was running full steam. 

Our brewery is kitted out with 40HL 4-vessel system that includes 11 fermenters and a capacity ranging from 30 to 120HL per vessel. We have bottling and kegging machines that minimize oxygen pick-up and results in scrumptious IPAs. And don’t get us started on our barrel room that contains more than 300 rum, wine, whisky, gin, bourbon, calvados and cognac casks. Here is where our Sequence series patiently ripens to the constant nasal drone of Willy Nelson (seriously). And then there’s our pilot system, consisting of a lovely little 300L small batch fun system, plus 3 FVs dedicated to brewing our Beta series.

To book your spot, simply click the button below:

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So here’s the million-dollar question: would you like to see how it's made? That is possible of course, just drop us an e-mail! 

We will be giving a grand tour twice a day by reservation. At 13:00 and 15:00 from Thursday to Sunday.

This includes 2 tasting glasses of your choice. The cost of the tour is €12,50.

For more info and reservations: