Bird Of Prey Bottle

India Pale Ale

ABV:         5.8%
IBU:          50
EBC:         17
Malt:         Maris Otter Pale & Cara
Hops:       Simcoe, Chinook, Mosaic & Glacier

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? IT IS…… THE BIRD OF PREY! An absolute phenomenon amongst the other supernatural owls. This IPA of supernatural heritage is filled with only the best hops you can find. Checked by the master brewer to uphold the outstanding quality that made this beer win the Dutch beer awards in 2019, in the category of IPA. A gold medal earned for supernatural flavor and amazing quality. Awarded by beer officials. Don't believe them? Try it for yourself and let the Bird of Prey amaze you!

the Bird of Prey is unleashed! And completely out of control as well. You might be able to calm it if you are planning on drinking this phenomenal beer immediately upon arrival. If not? Do not panic yet! It's best to drink the Bird of Prey when freshest. Yet, if you cannot drink it immediately for whatever reason, make sure you store it in a dark and cool place so the quality stays best! 

Our benchmark IPA is an absolute best seller, make sure you have tasted it! with an ABV percentage of 5.8%, along with the best hops, this beer is something you must have tried if you are an IPA lover. We are IPA lovers! And we'd like to take you for a ride with our Bird of Prey!